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November 5, 2016

Surrogate Mother Michelle gives us results


After the transfer, after all the pregnancy tests, and those first two BETA results, I was pretty darn sure I was pregnant! All of those positives combined to make me “mostly” positive that our first ultrasound would be a good one, but there is always that little bit of doubt that comes with the inability to physically see what is actually going on inside of you.

Fortunately, there seems to be a motto- Test early, test often, and test in a variety of ways.

Okay that is actually the motto of my Educational Assessment professor from my first year of college, but I never forgot it, and more importantly it fits the situation so, I’m just going to roll with it. 

The next test for us was an ultrasound to ensure that the baby was indeed still growing, that it was implanted in the proper location, and that everything they could see at this point was looking good.

Though my ultrasound was only four weeks past my transfer, I was technically 6 weeks pregnant due to the way they track pregnancy in the IVF world. First, women in “normal” pregnancies are considered pregnant from the date their last period ended. Second, my IF’s handsome little blastocyst was already 5 days old before it was transferred into my cozy uterus.

As seems to be the trend, I once again had to have a full bladder for the external ultrasound. At these early stages, it pushes the uterus forward and is the best way to get a glimpse. 6 weeks is so early, and baby is no bigger than a piece of rice, so we need all the help we can get to be able to see anything. Surprisingly, even with an the external scan the sonographer could see “activity” in the womb, which I totally did not expect. I could only see white lines on a gray screen, which I totally DID expect. With all of my pregnancy experience, I am still horrible at reading those things. After recording some stuff I didn’t really follow, we switched to the vaginal scan.

Might I add, the sonographer at my monitoring clinic is so non-invasive. I usually hate vaginal scans because it makes me feel self-conscious, but this lovely lady just passes me the wand under the sheet and lets me do the insertion. I have had so many ultrasounds with her, and she has still never seen my "nether" regions. It makes me wish I could just stick with her for all of the early scans.

The wand wasn’t inserted for longer than two second before we could actually see the tiny little flicker on screen. Yes, I could see it too. Baby had a strong heart rate of 128 beats per minute, and measured at a perfect 6.0 weeks- which was exactly as we expected/ hoped.

I will go to the monitoring clinic at least once more at 8 weeks pregnant to see how everything is growing. I’m feeling excited, nauseous, fatigued, and just… well… happy in general. I can’t wait for baby to get bigger and stronger, and I especially can’t wait for baby’s father to get to see an ultrasound in person and his baby moving on screen. I live for those moments in surrogacy!

Untill next time.................................. 


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