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October 5, 2016

Michelle Is Cleared for Transfer


I am so excited to report that my cycle is right on target for transfer in a week and a half. I had three visits to the monitoring clinic, once per week on Wednesdays, in order to watch my hormone levels and check my uterine lining. They are looking for proper estrogen and progesterone levels as well as watching my thyroid levels and I imagine other things.

These visits were nice because my monitoring clinic was so helpful and pleasant. The first and third times, I went, had my blood drawn, and had an ultrasound both externally and vaginally to measure my uterine lining. After the first ultrasound, my cycle nurse from RMA Connecticut called concerned that my uterus was measuring a little thick. This was just because my period hadn’t started yet after stopping the birth control that I had been on before. My period started the next day and I was permitted to start taking estrace twice a day.

On my second visit to the monitoring clinic, I only had my blood drawn to check hormone levels. After that appointment, I was told to follow my protocol dates which called for me to double my estrace intake.

The third visit was the one I was most stressed about because in my last journey, we had a little bit of trouble getting my uterus up to the proper thickness. Clinics are usually looking for a thickness of greater than 8 millimeters. For both of my transfers in my previous journey, the transfer was pushed back a week because I just wasn’t quite where I needed to be. I seemed to stick at 6mm. This time, I was just so worried that my uterine lining would be less than 8mm. I know the Intended Father (IF) and I both really wanted to keep moving forward as quickly as we could, so I crossed my fingers, drank a TON of water and pomegranate juice, and went for the ultrasound.

One centimeter. That is what the sonographer said. I paused for a moment to realize that one centimeter equaled 10 mm. It was 10.1 to be exact. That, in every paper and forum and chatroom I had researched, was always enough to schedule transfer. I believe I may have frightened the sonographer when I squealed my excitement. This made it so real to me. I realized that I had been trying  not to get too excited about the transfer because I was worried about my lining thickness.

That day also marks the day the IF and I began texting just about every other day, mostly about all of the meds, our excitement, and just me explaining where we stood in the process. I truly appreciate that we have the ability to make that connection, and I hope it continues throughout the process.

I have one more day of work, then I get to fly to Connecticut for transfer. I am simply elated that everything is going so well. I can’t wait to see the IF again and I especially can’t wait to be pregnant again. I am just so blessed to get to be part of such an amazing process that I can’t find any better words for it. Until next time. :)


The Core Essentials of Surrogacy