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October 20, 2016

Michelle has Her Transfer

MB Transfer pic.jpg

Flying back to Connecticut was an interesting adventure which involved a stop in Atlanta, Georgia (we live in OH). We didn’t mind this odd diversion, mostly because I collect a deck of playing cards whenever I go to a new airport. Generally airports have several options with their state’s name on them, and I use these in my classroom for games and math practice. My students seems to like choosing their deck of cards. Even though we really had to do nothing other than get on the planes and get to our destination, our day of travel was a bit exhausting. I couldn’t get over the excitement, though, because this was the trip where I would have a healthy blastocyst transferred into my uterus, and, with any luck, I would get to be pregnant and help another family’s dreams come true.

Once we found our lovely hotel with an even lovelier view, we set out to have dinner somewhere different. My husband, Stephen, and I just love trying restaurants that aren’t chains or that we can’t find near our house. We settled on a little pizzeria and then tried “America’s Freshest Ice Cream”. We found a bit of humor in the hyperbole of this little city, because we also saw the “World’s Largest Dairy Market” and “The World’s Greatest Mattress” while we were there. We went to bed pretty early because we had a big day ahead of us. We had plans to meet the IF for lunch before the transfer.

We had lunch at another charming little Italian restaurant before heading over to RMA for the transfer. I think the IF and I were quite anxious and nervous, while my husband was just ready to watch a downloaded movie on his ipod. We got to the clinic about an hour early.

Instructions for transfer include a full bladder. This makes the uterus and the transfer fully visible, but it also can make the hour leading up to the transfer a bit uncomfortable. I remembered back to my previous surrogacy in which I was so uncomfortable I was afraid I’d lose bladder control mid-transfer. This time, we waited briefly before the nurse came to take me back for a blood draw. The nurses at RMA are so sweet and considerate. They asked me how uncomfortable I was and just took me back to get changed quickly so they could check my bladder. I had overachieved again, so they let me relieve some of the pressure.

The next step was just to wait for Dr. Leondires to be ready for transfer. When he came in the room, he showed me a picture of a beautiful 5 day hatching blastocyst. He explained to me that the egg had hatched and the cells were pouring out looking for a nice squishy place to attach and grow. He pointed at me then, and said that we just so happened to have the perfect place right here. I was immediately fond of Dr. Leondires during our clinic visit. He was so thorough, thoughtful, and understanding before it was even transfer time. I could just tell he was passionate about his job. This first impression was confirmed during the transfer.

This transfer differed from my previous surrogacy in other ways too. This time, the blastocyst was displayed on a large TV right in front of me, so I got to see the tiny cell get sucked into the small catheter straw. Then the good doctor worked his magic and I got to see the tiny, glowing, line of fluid (and baby) inserted in my uterus on the sonogram screen.

We parted ways with the IF, had an early dinner, and left for home super early the next day. I have a great feeling about this transfer.  We'll find out soon if it was successful.  Finger's crossed!

The Core Essentials of Surrogacy