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June 1, 2017

Ashley is Back

Ashley family.jpg

Hi everyone, it's Ashley Boulton again. That's right, AGAIN! We are embarking on another journey. This is not a sibling journey, but a journey for a new couple in our lives. Before I begin on the current, and very wonderful journey, I will recap my previous journey.

My story began ten years ago when I was an egg donor. I have an aunt who would never be able to have children because of various health problems. This opened my eyes to infertility and what could be done by me to help others have babies. I stumbled across information about egg donation. 

Fast forward a few years, married and pregnant with my first child; I LOVED being pregnant! Delivery for me was wonderful, with no complications. Few more years later, I had my second child. Same scenario. I absolutely loved being pregnant and giving birth. After my second was born my midwife says to me, "your body is made for this". I had not thought about helping others in this way, but we knew we weren't going to have more children of our own, and I seriously loved being pregnant. I didn't put much more thought into it since I was on baby high.

Ten months after my second was delivered, my husband and I were talking about how we were officially finished having kids of our own. Then I remembered what my midwife told me. Surrogacy! Yes, I should be a surrogate! I got on my laptop, typed in "how to be a surrogate", I found The Surrogacy Experience (TSE). I filled out an application, and within 24 hours, Tina Dettlaff  (Managing Director) had emailed me back, directly. I was thrilled, and nervous. Was I a good candidate? 

I LOVED Tina! She made me feel so comfortable, as if I wouldn't be alone in any step of my journey, laid every step of the process out, and really made me feel as if I was valued by her, and the company as a whole. Tina has also been a two-time carrier herself so really understood what it was like.  After all of my screening cleared, she let us know she thought she had a match for us. Intended Parents (IPs)? Really?!?! We did our introductory phone call, we all had very similar values when it came to the pregnancy and birth, felt like there was a personal connection, and believed these people could be our first set of intended parents. WE MATCHED!!!

Contracts worked through, clinic day and first meeting of our IPs face to face, medications being taken, and transfer day approaching......Tina was always checking in, was constantly making sure I had the things I needed, letting me know she was there if I needed anything, and Stacey from TSE was the same! Both gals were right there by our sides (technically states away), helping us along on our journey. Transfer day comes, baby is in there, snug in her temporary home, to grow healthy and strong. We were pregnant. We did it!

The pregnancy went great.  The intended parents came out for the 20 week ultrasound, and due date came so quickly. TSE, our IPs, my children, and husband had been so supportive, and we were so close to bringing a baby to a couple who deserved her so much.

On May 29, 2015, I went into labor. We allowed baby to com e when she was ready so the IPs Birth_Plan-1.jpgwere not here (they lived on the east coast and we are in CO). We called our IPs and they booked the first flight out and we made our way to the hospital. Several hours later, sweet baby girl was delivered. She arrived before our IPs boarded their plane, and we sent them a picture of her to let them have peace of mind that she was here and healthy.

With TSE, and my family by my side, my first journey was beautiful. Of course there were a few bumps in the road, but nothing that hindered the relationship, or the journey. I don't think I could have had a more powerful, strong, loving, bonding, caring relationship with everyone that was involved in our first journey. Now, my first surro baby will be 2years old. And here I am, on another journey with my favorite people at TSE again. Don't get me wrong, I considered doing a journey without an agency. After much debate, and realizing how much they do for us, how strong their love is for us and the IPs, and the dedication they have to make sure we are all fully taken care of from beginning to past the end, I decided it was best for us to go with TSE again. They just make everything so smooth, streamline, and easy on us as carriers! 

I love being a carrier! I love the new "family" I now have as part of my life. I love that I can show my girls the selflessness that exists in the world. I love the stories I have to tell. I love the fullness of my heart. Do you love being pregnant? Do you love gaining new family members? Do you love feeling greatness, and as if the world has no bad in it anymore? Do you want to carry a baby for someone who cannot? If you can answer yes to these questions, I urge you to contact TSE. I'm really not trying to sound like an ad, but I know how I was taken care of and can testify to the care you receive and the life long friendships. Even if you just want to ask some questions about surrogacy, about the agency, about the process, and not ready to quite take the plunge and fill out the application, DO IT! Tina, and all the wonderful ladies at TSE will be more than happy to talk with you personally about what it is like to be a carrier, and answer any and all questions. 

This is such a magical journey and I want to share the wonderful world of surrogacy with everyone.  Check out an interview I did for FOX NEWS.  You will hear more from me soon about my current journey. Please, follow along as we grow another baby.

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